J. Lee Meihls

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Dr. Lee Meihls has worked as a trial consultant for over 35 years, and she is recognized nationally for her expertise in jury selection, witness preparation, courtroom communication, and developing effective trial strategies. She founded her own firm, Trial Partners, in 2003. Lee has consulted on over 1,500 cases and selected over 350 juries. She has also served as an expert witness in federal conspiracy trials.

Lee has been the lead trial consultant and selected juries for many high profile criminal cases around the country (state and federal). Some examples for the defense: People v. Michael Jackson, Illinois v. Robert Kelly, People v. Robert Blake, People v. Kelly Soo Park (and featured on 48 HOURS), North Carolina vs. Evans, Finnerty and Seligman (the Duke Lacrosse Players Rape case), and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. John E. du Pont. Some examples for the prosecution: U.S.A. v. Azano, et al., People v. Haidl, et al. (in the retrial), and U.S.A. v. Governor Fife Symington.

In addition, Lee has worked on many civil cases with significant verdicts at stake. Lee picked the juries for the plaintiff who won a $350 million dollar verdict in Los Angeles (Auerbach Acquisition Associates v. Greg Daily) in a trial that lasted four and a half months; the Plaintiffs in Kohan and Mutchnick v. NBC (the Will & Grace case); and for the plaintiff in the Estate of Christopher Wallace (wrongful death of Notorious B.I.G.) v. City of Los Angeles. For the defense, Lee picked the juries for MGA when they won a $310 million counterclaim verdict against Mattel in a three-month retrial in USDC, Santa Ana, CA (Mattel v. MGA Entertainment, aka Barbie v. Bratz); Union Carbide after a six week trial in Angleton, Texas (Kelly-Moore Paint Co. v. Union Carbide Corporation), in which the plaintiff was seeking $6 billion dollars, for the Dodgers and Frank McCourt in Brian Stow v. Dodgers, et al., and for the U.S. in Wells Fargo & Co. v. U.S.A.

Lee has assisted clients in all types of litigation, including antitrust, aviation, bad faith, class action, construction, contracts, criminal conspiracy, election fraud, defamation, drug importation, employment, environmental, excessive force, False Claims Act, fraud, insurance, intellectual property, legal insanity, mass tort, murder, patent infringement, personal injury, professional negligence, products liability, securities, sex-related crimes, toxic tort, trade secrets, and wrongful death.

Lee completed her Ph.D. in sociology at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), specializing in psychology, applied linguistics, and law. As a faculty member and administrator at UCSD and National University for many years, she published articles on gender issues, communications, and media studies. She also co-authored a book on decision making (Stanford University Press, 1986). In addition, Lee produced live television shows (in cooperation with the former Soviet Union) that were aired nationally on PBS, and she was a film critic for a newspaper in San Diego for many years.

Lee frequently presents on trial consulting and juror decision making to national law groups, law firms, judicial conferences, and other professional groups around the country. Lee is a member of the American Society of Trial Consultants.