Juror’s Perceptions of Ethnic Minority Attorneys

When we look beyond the Obama-era White House, Trial Partners, Inc.’s Executive Vice President and Senior Consultant, Mark R. Phillips, asks if are we really transitioning into a post-racial era? Nowhere is that question more relevant or more important than in America’s courtrooms, and nowhere within America’s courtrooms is that question more intriguing than when looking at ethnic minority attorneys who try cases before juries and ethnic minority witnesses who tell their stories to juries. Their fate (and the fates of their clients) frequently depends on how ordinary citizens perceive them, so the effects of racial bias or prejudice can have a very real—and very dramatic—impact on minority attorneys and their clients. What follows is an examination of jurors’ perceptions of ethnic minority attorneys and a discussion of how jurors’ attitudes and opinions toward minority attorneys may (or may not) be evolving.

Click on the PDF for the complete story (courtesy of Minority Trial Lawyer newsletter): Ethnic Minority Attorneys