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  • case analysis
  • closing & opening arguments
  • graphics consulting
  • post-trial interviews & case assessment
  • theme development
  • venue analysis

  • change of venue surveys
  • community attitude surveys
  • damages analysis & studies
  • focus groups
  • in-court trial monitoring
  • mock arbitrations & mediations
  • mock trials
  • shadow juries
  • venue overviews
  • verdict searches


  • in-court jury selection
  • juror questionnaires
  • plantiff & defense characteristics
  • voir dire questions

  • attorney communication training
  • witness preparation

OUR SERVICES - The principals of Trial Partners are recognized as leading authorities in legal strategy, communications training, and jury psychology with experience in all types of cases and jurisdictions around the country. We provide expert assistance in the formulation and communication of effective case themes and strategies in civil and criminal matters and in both federal and state courts. Our work includes jury trials, bench trials, mediations, and arbitrations.

We offer a variety of research and consulting services before, during and after trial depending on your goals and budget.

  • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your case
  • Develop effective case strategies and themes
  • Assist in writing openings and closings
  • Graphics consulting
  • Trial monitoring

Our research designs are proprietary. A proposal customized to your case is available upon request.
  • Formulate and test trial themes, strategies and arguments through focus groups, mock trials, and community attitude surveys using the following stringent standards for our research:
  1. We maintain a national database of real jury pools
  2. Effective, professional jury research starts with a representative sample of prospective jurors in the trial venue and that is truly matched to the actual jurors that will serve in your case
  3. We work closely with our recruiters and monitor their work to ensure that our screening criteria are met and a representative sample of the jury pool is drawn for the research
  4. We never use respondents who have previously participated in a legal study
  5. We never recruit participants through newspaper or online advertising or at shopping malls
  • Test case evidence and arguments through mock mediations and arbitrations using only the best mediators and arbitrators who match the real decision makers in your case
  • Test compensatory and punitive damage presentations
  • Conduct witness studies
  • Conduct voir dire exercises
  • Conduct change of venue surveys
  • Conduct shadow jury research during trial
  • Interview jurors post-verdict
  • Research venues and verdicts
  • Develop jury selection strategies and profiles
  • Write voir dire questions for court and counsel
  • Write juror questionnaires
  • In-court jury selection assistance
  • Work with counsel to improve communication skills
  • Assist in witness preparation (fact and expert)